South Africa Post 1994 Killing Working Class Consciousnes

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Killing working class consciousness is the continuation of Quo Vadis Workers Education? The central message in Killing working class consciousness, is that workers in South Africa must dismantle the grip state and big business have on their socio-economic-ideological and educational progress, through the formation of an independent workers’ party, continuous worker education programmes controlled by workers and the formulation of a workers manifesto, i.e. setting forth worker demands in crystal clear terms. The reasons for this path forward is made clear in the nine essays presented in the book. The book is void of socialist jargon and calls for objectivity, frank debate and political astuteness in the creation of a balanced, moral and wealthy South African population, living free of any form of discrimination, particularly, class discrimination.

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Author: Fakier Jessa
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Having read the short book description above and without necessarily repeating it, the book deals with shedding, dismantling and revolutionising the way sectors are conducting their business in South Africa. South African productivity in all spheres, is pitifully appalling, primarily because state and big capital continue to show economic individualism, greed, perpetuation of inert, sluggish and corrupt leadership. Above all, the sickness in the economy has crystallised owing to the suppression and killing of workers consciousness and learning, their socio-economic-ideological oppression, their psychological-social-educational persecution, their quality and conditions of life, their low grade and crude manipulation when it comes to the vote, democracy and workers human rights, their subjection to the idiocy and duplicity of the ANC, SACP Alliance and other smaller political mongerers, discriminatory and hardly existent schooling, the poverty of the social life of workers in comparison to what is enjoyed by the elite at the expense of the workers’ sweat and in particular, pointless class discrimination in South Africa.


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