A Beautiful Family

Format: Paperback
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Brenda and Alan Silverman are a perfect couple living a perfect life in Johannesburg’s wealthy northern suburbs. Then Brenda dies in mysterious circumstances, and a shocking secret that rocks the community emerges.
Once you start reading this fast-paced, hard-hitting family saga, you will find it difficult to put down..

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Author: Marilyn Cohen de Villiers
Publisher: Reach Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pages: 506


When Johannesburg socialite Brenda Silverman dies in mysterious circumstance in her palatial, well secured home, questions are inevitable.
Did she commit suicide? Was it an accidental drug overdose? Or did her death have something to do with her husband, Alan?
Alan Silverman is a handsome, charming businessman with impeccable credentials: a former political activist who fled South Africa in the 1980s and returned to help build the new democracy; a loving husband and devoted father; a pillar of Johannesburg’s Jewish community; and an intimate of South Africa’s ruling African National Congress elite. He is also a man hiding a terrible secret.
Tracy Jacobs, a young journalist, is assigned to cover the story but as her investigations start to uncover cracks in the beautiful Silverman family facade, she finds herself in conflict with her own community.
Will Brenda’s inquest finally reveal the truth?
Spanning nearly forty years and three countries (South Africa, England and Israel), A Beautiful Family confirms a horrible reality: that “things like that” can and do happen to people just like us.

2 reviews for A Beautiful Family

  1. 4 out of 5

    Great, suspenseful read. I couldn’t put it down. The story really resonated with me on a number of different levels; I particularly liked the author’s insights into Judaism and SA politics in the 80s/90s. Lovely terse writing style that moves the reader along at a rollicking pace. A cracking plot and great character development. Highly recommended debut novel.

  2. 4 out of 5

    “A Beautiful Family” by Marilyn Cohen de Villiers is a startling novel that reveals women or child abuse doesn’t only occur in poor families headed by alcoholics and drug addicts, but in the world we all live in. It’s a novel that I really enjoyed and found difficult to put down.

    The novel is set from the new millennium back to the early 1980’s. It moves from slums in South Africa like Alex Townships and wealthy suburbs to countries like England and Israel. It starts with a mysterious death of a woman named Brenda Silverman who comes from a wealthy and prominent family – “A Beautiful Family”. Brenda Silverman, mother to twins Yair and Aviva is married to a very handsome and powerful businessman. Her death leaves a young journalist Tracy Jacobs with the task of finding the truth behind her death. Each part of the novel raises new and intriguing questions. The novel is packed with page after page of thrilling suspense, as new information comes to light, resulting in more questions being raised.

    The novel ends with a jaw-dropping twist when a hard-hitting truth is revealed by Tracy Jacob’s reporting of the inquest into Brenda’s death which uncovers Alan Silverman’s dark secret. Her coverage of the death causes a lot of conflict in the community as Alan was regarded as a powerful businessman and a pillar of the Jewish and the South African community.

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